97.3 WMEE

WMEE connects businesses with the prime decision-maker for each family – mom! WMEE provides powerful ways to impact her purchase habits and the daily decisions she makes that affect her entire family. WMEE’s on-air talent has an incredible ability to influence the moms of Fort Wayne because their lives closely align with their own. WMEE’s clients appreciate the station’s strong community presence that emulates with the values of the mom’s they are trying to reach.

Phone: 260-447-5511

2915 Maples Rd
Fort Wayne, IN

Demographic Reach

Description of our P1

30-something on-the-go mom whose second home is her minivan.

Top 5 Core Artists

Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, Justin Bieber, Pink, Jonas Brothers

On air personalities who influence through endorsements

Dan Scheie


Top Keystone Events