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At Federated Media our three core values are Integrity, passion and innovation.  It’s no mistake that Integrity is listed first.  It’s our integrity that propels us to being active and attentive to the needs of the communities that we reside.  Every year our collective group of radio stations organize and rally the population to respond to these needs.  Each year we support over 15 local charities in both the Fort Wayne and South Bend markets by helping to raise over $1,010,500.  This Federated Media Engaged initiative inspires our customers, our clients and our co-workers to wholeheartedly embrace the unique needs that are present on our community.

Federated Media has also launched an internal volunteer program called Federated Media Engaged – On the Move.  Through this initiative, our co-workers are encouraged and supported to use company time to share their many talents to help meet the volunteer needs of the charities in our communities.  In total, this Federated Media initiative will donate almost 5,000 hours to our over 120 full time employees.

In 2019 our stations in Fort Wayne supported the following charities by raising over $275,700 in revenue:

  • St Jude’s Research Hospital
  • Muscular Dystrophy Assocation
  • Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana
  • Allen County SPCA

In 2019 our stations in South Bend supported the following charities by raising over $734,800 in revenue and over 6 months of food and provisions supplies for 7 local food pantries.

  • American Cancer Society
  • Cancer Resources of Elkhart County
  • Child and Parent Services (CAPS)
  • 5 Star Life
  • Food Bank of Northern Indiana
  • OMVA
  • Riverbend Cancer Services
  • St Jude’s Research Hospital
  • Margaret’s House
  • Salvation Army
  • South Bend Center for the Homeless

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