Create Sound Connections with Podcasts

Podcasts are a powerful branding, lead-generating and sales-driving tool.

Podcasts are “lean forward” experiences. Listeners intentionally choose which podcast to play and attentively listen to every word. They build emotional connections to the hosts of their favorite podcasts and trust what they have to say — whether it’s about the topic of discussion or a product they’re promoting.

How Can A Branded Podcasts Help My Business?

A podcast is a powerful form of content marketing, allowing brands that host shows to build deep connections with a loyal audience over time. You can tell your brand’s story, share your mission and values and let your business’ personality shine through. Over time, your branded podcast can grow a loyal, engaged audience of fans who love your podcast — and your business.

Podcast Advertising Stands out

Effective podcast advertisements are often just as entertaining as the podcast itself. About 80% of podcast listeners actively listen to ads on their favorite podcasts — meaning they don’t skip, fast forward or otherwise tune out. When one of our podcast hosts talks about a new business or product they enjoy, our listeners respond by walking into a store or opening their wallets. With more than 40 podcasts available and more than 14,500 active listeners, we can put together a custom podcast advertising plan to help your business.

Podcasts by Federated Media

Whether you want to develop a branded podcast, advertise your business or products on an established Federated Media show, or both, we are here for you.

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