Too busy to figure out what works and what doesn’t work with your marketing efforts?

We educate so you have a clear understanding on all facets of marketing: digital, content and traditional, giving you confidence in the results we deliver.

The Federated Media radio footprint covers Fort Wayne and South Bend Indiana.  Our 12 radio stations showcase the top brands in both markets. 

We have an amazing creative team that ensures your business stands out amongst your competitors.

Our digital company, Federated Digital Solutions, offers solutions that include SEM, SEO, video and display advertising, and social media management.

We affectively weave in content marketing with traditional radio advertising and our digital solutions that bring unrivaled ROI. The Federated Media team of highly qualified individuals works together to create all-inclusive marketing campaigns designed to build brand loyalty and drive revenue.



Federated Media is a family owned company powered by passionate people who pride themselves on their integrity and innovation.

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    • Best Advertiser Lead Generation Campaign
    • Best Advertiser Program
    • Best National Sweepstakes Revenue Builder Campaign
    • Best Mid-Market Program
  • 2022 Finalist
    • Best List Builder Campaign
    • Best First Party Data Collection Campaign
    • Best National Sweepstakes List Builder Campaign
    • Best Photo Contest
    • Best Quiz
    • Best Regional Campaign
    • Best Group Wide Strategy
  • 2021 Winner
    • Best Mid-size Market
    • Ft. Wayne & Campaign of the Year
  • 2021 Finalist
    • Best Advertiser Lead Generation Campaign
    • Best Recurring Revenue Campaign
    • Best Sponsored Campaign
    • Best Photo Contest
    • Best Advertiser Program
    • Best Groupwide Strategy
    • Best Audience Development Campaign