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Few would deny that sports fans are amongst the most loyal fan base in the world. 1380 The Fan ensures that Fort Wayne sports fans have a local home for all that they love. Sports fans love their commentators and 1380 The Fan offers plenty of that with Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, Doug Gottlieb and The Sports Rush with Brett Rump. 1380 The Fan not only offers live national sports coverage with The Indianapolis Colts and Purdue football and basketball but also offers exclusive coverage of local high school and Tin Cap games. Advertisers of Fort Wayne’s 1380 The Fan know that using this station is a unique way to align with the most loyal consumers of all, both sports fans and parents of local high school sport athletes.

Phone: 260-447-5511

2915 Maples Rd
Fort Wayne, IN

+ Weekly Listeners
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Segmented Audience Stats

Contest/Promotions – 3,782
Concerts/Events – 651
Pets – 707
Charity – 2,246
Homeowners – 1,286
Health – 1,142
Family – 32
Sports – 3,513
Outdoors – 546

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Demographic Reach

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Description of our P1

Majority of listeners have bachelor’s degree or higher, Household Income of $100K +

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1380AM/100.9FM The Fan / 24hr SPORTS

  • 25 Years of Sports! Purdue, FW Tincaps, ND FB, White Socks, Pacers, Indy 500! Lots of local High School Friday night football!
  • Format characteristics; 80% male educated white collar audience. Occupations: Business owners; sales; retail trade; managerial
Source(s):  Station, Wikipeda, MRI Dlbase

Fort Wayne

  • Market 116 Rank-464,000 +
    • 9% Black
    • 6% Hispanic
    • Manufacturing city. GM plant, Raytheon, Medical.
    • Indiana ranks 1st in Manufacturing jobs in USA.
    • Ft. Wayne is 2nd largest city in Indiana.
Source(s):  Station, Wikipeda, All Access, Chamber of Commerce

5,000 WATTS

  • Coverage Map-45 Mile radius of FW reach! Completely covers 6 county metro area.
Source(s):  Station, Precision Trak, Radio Locator, FCC, Advertiser website

Top 5 Core Artists

Home of Purdue, Colts, High School Sports, Tin Caps, MLB, NBA, NFL, PGA and College sports

On air personalities who influence through endorsements

Brett Rump

Top Keystone Events

Annual Events & Station Awards

  • Fox Sports Coverage.
  • Most sports offered in FW
  • Most local coverage of high school sports in region.
Source(s):  IBA, WKJG Station

Community Involvement

  • Full-time coverage of local HS Sports
Source(s):  IBA, WKJG Station

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