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Few would deny that sports fans are amongst the most loyal fan base in the world. 1380 The Fan ensures that Fort Wayne sports fans have a local home for all that they love. Sports fans love their commentators and 1380 The Fan offers plenty of that with Golic & Wingo, Dan Le Batard, Pat MacAfee, and local favorite The Sports Rush with Brett Rump. 1380 The Fan not only offers live national sports coverage with The Indianapolis Colts and Purdue football and basketball but also offers exclusive coverage of local high school and Tin Cap games. Advertisers of Fort Wayne’s 1380 The Fan know that using this station is a unique way to align with the most loyal consumers of all, both sports fans and parents of local high school sport athletes.

Phone: 260-447-5511

2915 Maples Rd
Fort Wayne, IN

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Majority of listeners have bachelor’s degree or higher, Household Income of $100K +

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Home of Purdue, Colts, High School Sports, Tin Caps, MLB, NBA, NFL, PGA and College sports

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Brett Rump

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