Radio Listening Remains Strong and Digital Booms

As Digital Audio Booms, Radio Listening Remains Strong    Thanks to a powerful combination of on-air and digital, Americans are listening […]

Local Businesses All in on Radio Digital

Radio’s Digital Business is Booming   Local businesses are spending more money than ever on digital media and radio stations are […]

What Smart Speakers Mean for Local Radio

Smart Speakers Are Good for Local Radio One in four Americans now owns a voice-activated smart speaker, allowing them to […]

As Podcasts Boom, Advertisers Should Join In

The data on podcasting keeps getting bigger and better, making now the time for more advertisers to get on board. […]

How to Unlock SEO

Keys to Unlocking Your SEO Potential In today’s search-driven economy, consumers turn to their devices for information and recommendations. Search […]

2020 Social Media Plan

Time to Take Stock of Social Media  Social media is an effective and budget-friendly way to connect with consumers and […]

Refresh Your Website

Make Your Website Your New Year’s Resolution. When you’re juggling social media, online advertising and blogging, it can be easy […]

2020 Will Be a Banner Year For Audio

Audio Ready to Ring in the New Year After a year of robust growth, audio is on track for an […]

How Blogging Boosts Your Business

How Blogging Boosts Your Business When you look at your digital toolbox, it can be easy to overlook your blog. […]

These Stats About Spoken Word Content Might Surprise You

3 Surprising Stats About Spoken Word Audio   Thanks to new media choices and mobile devices, the oldest form of audio […]

Radio Campaigns for Local Political Dollars

In a Healthy Ad Market, Where Does Radio Fit In? Ahead of the 2020 election, the local ad market is […]

Subscription on-demand from local radio

As Digital Grows, Subscriptions Could Bring in Cash Will listeners pay for digital audio from local radio stations? That is […]

‘Super’ Podcast Listeners Receptive to Ads — Just Not Too Many

We can learn a lot from podcast’s most loyal listeners. For starters, they appreciate the advertisers that support their favorite […]

New Opportunities for Radio as Podcast Fans Shift Younger, More Female

New Opportunities for Radio as Podcast Fans Shift Younger, More Female As radio stations expand their podcast lineups, it’s important […]

Radio Attracts Loyal Minorities, Digital Promises Growth

Radio Attracts Loyal Minorities, Digital Promises Growth  Even with an ever-expanding menu of media choices, African Americans and Hispanics are […]

Why Local Radio Needs Sonic Brands

Why Local Radio Needs Sonic Brands Sonic identity is a buzzword in marketing, but radio stations are experts in the […]

Insiders Dish on Tips for Local Podcasters

Podcast Tips From Local Pros These days, it seems everyone in radio is talking about podcasting. Radio programmers are encouraging […]

Local advertisers stick by radio while exploring new digital options

Local Businesses Remain Loyal to Radio While Building Digital Despite a growing menu of digital advertising choices, local advertisers still […]

Breaking Down the Podcast Boom

Within five years, half of all Americans will be regular podcast listeners. And once consumers sample podcasts, they’re often hooked. […]

Digital is Key to Radio’s Place in Music Discovery

Digital is Key to Radio’s Place in Music Discovery Here is a tune that should get some airplay: Even as […]

Three Lessons Radio is Learning About Smart Speakers

Three Smart Speaker Lessons for Radio   With smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home becoming mainstream household technology, radio stations […]

Three Podcast Developments You Should Know About

Three Summer Moves Shaking Up Podcasting  With more than 700,000 shows and counting available, the podcast industry is growing at […]

Radio Tunes Up for 2020 Elections

With the 2020 elections just 15 months away, radio stations have a pitch of their own: Send more political ad […]

Local Businesses Are Interested in Voice, But So Far on the Sidelines

Why Local Businesses Need to Get Voice-Ready  As radio stations get aggressive with voice integrations, their local businesses partners should […]

5 Ways to Grow Your Podcasts

As more radio stations dive into podcasting, they’re eager to build up both their audience and ad dollars. Fortunately, with […]

4 Smart Ways to Grow Local Ad Revenue

4 Smart Ways to Grow Local Ad Revenue (Hint: Think Digital) With the economy humming and a hotly-contested election year […]

Five Things to Radio Needs to Know About Smart Speakers

Voice-activated speakers, including Alexa and Google Home, are now mainstream, but security concerns and more selective use of the devices […]

Nielsen Total Audience Report shows radio on top

From Cars to Podcasts, Local Radio is A Top Choice The old saying: “The more things change, the more they […]

In a Multichannel World, AM/FM Listening Remains Strong

Consumers have more media choices than ever, but AM/FM radio remains one of their favorites.  The average American spends 1 […]

How Radio Can Deliver the Podcasts Advertisers Want

Podcasts are one of the hottest advertising platforms. but not all podcasts are created equal. With 700,000 podcasts and counting […]

How to Keep Radio in the Driver’s Seat

New vehicles may be tricked out with advanced infotainment systems, super-sized displays and dozens of entertainment apps, but AM/FM radio […]

How Radio Can Reach More Multitasking Moms

  It’s a good idea to listen to your mom. In many households, mothers make decisions about what to buy, […]

Podcasts, Digital Audio Deliver Revenue Boost

Throughout radio’s history, advertisers have followed listeners to the hottest formats, and now that same pattern is playing out on […]

Four Ways to Boost Your Radio Creative

Advertisers value radio for its ability to deliver customers to stores and raise brand awareness. But not all radio ads […]

Four Ways Voice Tech Can Increase Listening

Thanks to the growing popularity of smart speakers, most radio stations are keyed into the importance of Amazon’s Alexa and […]

Radio’s Built-In Podcast Advantage

Podcasting is the hottest topic in media and will good reason — the audience is growing rapidly and reinvigorating audio […]

Time-Shifted Audio Expands Radio Listening

For radio stations looking to maximize content and grow audience, time-shifting audio for on-demand listening can boost revenue, listening and […]

With Digital Transforming Local Ad Sales, Audio Gains Ground

Local advertisers have tripled their ad spending on digital media over the last five years, creating new opportunities for radio […]

With Podcasts, Radio Can Connect with Young Demos

Radio broadcasters and their advertising partners are always seeking ways to reach young, educated and affluent listeners and podcasting is […]

With Digital Booming, Local Advertisers Want More Mobile, Social Ads

Local businesses want to up their digital advertising investment, and radio stations are in a prime position to capture that […]

5 Key Takeaways From Infinite Dial 2019

Podcasting has crossed into the mainstream. Local radio is still king of the car. More than one-quarter of Americans now […]

Marketing without measuring? That’s like buying a car and not driving it

When you’ve been in the marketing game for a few minutes, you end up seeing some things: some good, bad, […]

Why Radio Should Be Your Go-To for Digital Advertising

It’s a well-known fact that radio advertising helps local businesses connect with customers and get feet in stores, but local [...]

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