98.9 The Bear

98.9 The Bear has over a 30-year heritage in the Fort Wayne community and its’ 50,000 watts ensures that it effectively reaches thousands of listeners throughout Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio.   With a mix of classic and grunge 90’s the Bear reaches a fan base who are fiercely loyal to the brands they love; including the places they shop, the vehicles they drive and the beverages they drink   Bear advertisers know that if they earn the business of a loyal Bear listener, they will have a customer for life. 

Phone: 260-471-5100

2915 Maples Rd
Fort Wayne, IN

Weekly Listeners
Source(s):  Eastlan, 12+ Mon – Sun 6a-12a
Mile Radius Coverage

Social Statistics


Text / Email Club Influence

Text Members
Email Subscribers

Segmented Audience Stats

Contests/Promotions –  23,278
Concerts/Events – 18,657
Pets – 6,990
Charity – 2,880
Home Owner – 2,680
Health – 4,400
Family – 2,765
Outdoors – 4,133
Fitness – 2,452
Food – 6,472

Source(s):  WBYR Station

Demographic Reach

Chart by Visualizer

Description of our P1

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  • 32 year old heritage rock
  • Format characteristics (50% earn 60K +HHI, 60% some college or advance degree. Occupations: Manufacturing; medical; retail trade; insurance industry. **
  • WBYR is blend of classic/grunge/current rock
Source(s):  Station, Wikipeda, MRI Dlbase

Fort Wayne

  • Market 116 Rank-464,000 +
    • 9% Black
    • 6% Hispanic
    • Manufacturing city. GM plant, Raytheon, Medical.
    • Indiana ranks 1st in Manufacturing jobs in USA.
    • Ft. Wayne is 2nd largest city in Indiana.
Source(s):  Station, Wikipeda, All Access, Chamber of Commerce

50,000 WATTS

  • Coverage Map-85 Mile radius of FW reach! Signal measured in 3 markets, Fort Wayne, Muncie, and Lima, Ohio
  • Strongest DMA coverage in market
Source(s):  Station, Precision Trak, Radio Locator, FCC, Advertiser website

Top 5 Core Artists

AC/DC, Ozzy, Metallica, Godsmack, Disturbed

On air personalities who influence through endorsements

Jason Lee & Kluck

Heather Rooney

Top Keystone Events

Annual Events & Station Awards

  • IBA Cardinal Community Award, 2017, 2018, 2019.
  • Rock n Brew Downtown FW
  • Rock Listener of the Day!
  • Hero’s Holiday for Vets
Source(s):  IBA, WBYR Station

Community Involvement

  • IBA Cardinal Community Award, 2017, 2018, 2019.
Source(s):  IBA, WBYR Station

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