Social Media Management

Why do you need Social Media Management?

At FDS, we believe that consumer behavior is influenced by what people see and read online. The biggest factor is how your business is portrayed and interacts with consumers on social media. A social media management plan ensures your business is on the right platforms and using them to effectively enhance your brand utilizing great content.

Did You Know?

We complement organic social media content with boosted posts to help your business grow your social media audience. Did you know that, on average, most Facebook business pages’ posts are shown to 2% or less of the people who like that page? Boosting posts can extend a post’s reach and allow a business to target their ideal audience. At FDS, we work as an extension of your team to enhance your social media pages, so you don’t have to keep up with the latest algorithm changes.

We educate so you have a clear understanding on all facets of marketing:
Content, Digital and Traditional,
giving you the confidence in the results we deliver.

Definition of Social Media Management: Partnering with an outside company or individual to manage your social media platforms by writing monthly content that will deliver information of your brand and engage your audience. The goal of these experts is that they will follow best practices to deliver content that will align with the social media rules and algorithms to grow and engage your audience. The goal is also, consistent, fresh content.

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