Digital is Key to Radio’s Place in Music Discovery

Digital is Key to Radio’s Place in Music Discovery Here is a tune that should get some airplay: Even as AM/FM radio faces intense competition from digital streaming, podcasts and even YouTube, audiences still consider local radio a top source for music discovery. But radio is facing intense competition from online sources, particularly among younger […]

Three Lessons Radio is Learning About Smart Speakers

Three Smart Speaker Lessons for Radio   With smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home becoming mainstream household technology, radio stations need to make sure their voice integrations are fresh and accessible.  Most savvy stations have skills, and many promote them on-air, but the work doesn’t end there. Consumers are making smart speakers part of their […]

Three Podcast Developments You Should Know About

Three Summer Moves Shaking Up Podcasting  With more than 700,000 shows and counting available, the podcast industry is growing at lighting speed,with one-quarter of American adults saying they listen weekly.  This year, advertisers are projected to spend nearly $500 million on podcast ads and, in a race to grab market share, big media companies are […]

Radio Tunes Up for 2020 Elections

With the 2020 elections just 15 months away, radio stations have a pitch of their own: Send more political ad dollars our way. With a combination of on-air, online and podcast advertising, radio can offer local, state and national candidates, and issue advertisers, the opportunity to reach highly engaged voters on multiple platforms.   In fact, […]

Local Businesses Are Interested in Voice, But So Far on the Sidelines

Why Local Businesses Need to Get Voice-Ready  As radio stations get aggressive with voice integrations, their local businesses partners should also add voice technology to the top of their to-do lists. From smart speaker skills to voice-activated ads to digital streaming via smart devices, with voice, local businesses can engage with consumers on a new […]

5 Ways to Grow Your Podcasts

As more radio stations dive into podcasting, they’re eager to build up both their audience and ad dollars. Fortunately, with some smart use of your existing assets, radio broadcasters can up exposure for podcasts and increase your success rates. After all, radio is masterful at promotion and the original form of audio programming, so why […]

4 Smart Ways to Grow Local Ad Revenue

4 Smart Ways to Grow Local Ad Revenue (Hint: Think Digital) With the economy humming and a hotly-contested election year approaching, local advertisers are opening their wallets to connect with consumers. This year, the total local ad market is projected to $148.8 billion, up slightly from the previous year, according to the latest forecast by […]

Five Things to Radio Needs to Know About Smart Speakers

Voice-activated speakers, including Alexa and Google Home, are now mainstream, but security concerns and more selective use of the devices is clouding future growth. Voice tech remains promising and primed for innovation, but media companies and brands need to focus on building trust and delivering utility. Ownership of devices like Alexa and Google Home are […]

Nielsen Total Audience Report shows radio on top

From Cars to Podcasts, Local Radio is A Top Choice The old saying: “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” certainly applies to radio. Despite ever-expanding media choices, local radio is consistently a top media choice, remaining one of the best ways to reach consumers. AM/FM radio reaches 92% of Americans reach […]

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